Globe Guide

The best of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Mexico is world famous for its fiestas, Latin flair and beaches, which is why millions of tourists flock to the country every single year. Cabo San Lucas is a popular pick, thanks to its beautiful resorts, golf courses and the famous Arch.

Mystical Kyoto, Japan

There are few places in the world that just have a ‘feeling’ about them, where as soon as you arrive you know you’re about to experience something special. This is what Kyoto is for many people, who flock there to see the breathtaking temples, centuries-old palaces and calming zen gardens.

Singapore, the stopover city

It’s safe to say that most people end up in Singapore on a layover. The Garden City is a major travel hub in southeast Asia, meaning that anyone travelling in the region will likely end up in Changi Airport at some point, whether for a few hours or overnight. If you get this opportunity, embrace it!

Twin waterfalls at Trafalgar Falls.

A Day in Dominica

Dominica’s beauty is more rugged than postcard-worthy, due to its black, rocky beaches. Despite not being a great place to work on your tan, the volcanic island is worth a stop thanks to its picturesque capital, marine life and waterfalls.

The stunning Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque

The mysterious country of Brunei

Brunei is a destination that few people have even heard of, much less been to. But it’s worth a visit, as the tiny country features a village on stilts, a famous sultan and a billion-dollar palace.

The three islands of Malta

Malta is off the radar for many travellers, which makes it an even better pick for those who make the trip. The country is just off the southern tip of Italy and east of Tunisia, and the influences from both Africa and Europe are apparent the moment you touch down.