Globe Guide

Gallery: Arizona

The heat isn’t enough to keep travellers away from beautiful Arizona, a state made famous by the Grand Canyon. Visitors flock south for golf, red mountains and a taste of the desert.


Gallery: Brunei Darussalam

It’s one of the smallest countries in the world, and a mystery to many travellers. Here is a look at some of the highlights of Brunei Darussalam, located in the corner of Borneo.

How to spend the perfect day in Florence, Italy

There are few places in the world that conjure up romantic images like the region of Tuscany. Sun-soaked vineyards, quaint cobblestone streets, rolling hills topped with charming castles and wine. Lots of wine.


Malta is off the radar of many travellers who head to Europe, being a small island and all. But those who make the quick trip from Italy will be rewarded with stunning beaches, azure waters and a blast from the past.


There is nothing quite like a trip to Italy to tantalize the senses, whether you go for the spectacular scenery, mouth-watering food or a chance to be serenaded on board a gondola in Venice.

Beautiful Barbados: A travel guide to the island life

Barbados is known as the playground of the rich and famous, and for good reason. Stunning white sand beaches, perfect temperatures and piercing blue waters complemented by bright green palm trees make nearly every vantage point postcard worthy. Add to that the friendly locals who won’t try to get more than a smile out of you, and it’s the perfect place to unwind.

A cruise ship docked in Antigua.

On a boat: How to save money on your cruise

Trips to the Caribbean usually cost at least $2000 per person, but a week-long cruise to the area will only set you back an average of $600 plus flight—not to mention you’ll enjoy five-star dining and get to see a number of different islands.

A guide to West Edmonton Mall

Edmonton is home to West Edmonton Mall, a 48-block-long juggernaut housing a hotel, casino, aquarium, skating rink, mini-golf and an amusement park among other things. Basically, it’s every kid’s dream come true.